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Helge Wolffhechel

Born 1950 in Copenhagen, Denmark

Grew up in the south of Denmark, Sønderjylland

I have been working as a journalist since 1970, 1970-1986 for Der Nordschleswiger, the newspaper for the German-speaking minority in Sønderjylland, from 1986 for the big regional newspaper JydskeVestkysten

I am divorced and have two daughters, born 1985 and 1987

My equipment

My interest in photography began in 1970, when I bought my first SLR camera, an Asahi Pentax Spotmatic

Since then I have used the following cameras:

Leica M3

Minolta X300 and X700

Canon EOS 100, 1000 and 50E

In 2004 I started to photograph digitally with the Canon G3, 6 months later I bought the Canon 300D (Rebel), and I now use the Canon 20D with the following lenses:

Canon EF 1,8/50, 1,8/85 USM, 4-5,6/70-300 USM IS

Tamron 2,8/28-75 XR DI

Sigma 2,8/18-50 EX DC, Sigma 2,8/70-200 HSM

Helge Wolffhechel

Photo: Erik Smedegaard